Name: Ascendancy Creative Labs

Ascendancy Creative Labs
Abbreviation: ACL
Date of establishment: 09.03.1997
Until: 25.01.2001
Country: Belarus
City: Grodno
Links: Page on Spectrum ComputingPage on zxaaa.netPage on SpeccyWiki

Group members Ascendancy Creative Labs

Group member Starting from Until Roles in group
Alex Psych Support, Tester
DJ Serg Musician
Dr.Grifus Musician, Support
Laser Genius Musician
MAG Programmer, Cracker
Minisoft avec NRJ Programmer, Cracker, Graphician, Organizer
Sir Denis Graphician
Tom Hial Programmer, Cracker, Hardware

Software developer

Alasm 4.44 (KVA)
Alasm 4.44 (KVA)
Asterix IntroAsterix Intro
Asterix Intro
Australian Rulez Football IntroAustralian Rulez Football Intro
Australian Rulez Football Intro
Bumpy IntroBumpy Intro
Bumpy Intro
Demons Revenge IntroDemons Revenge Intro
Demons Revenge Intro
Dustin IntroDustin Intro
Dustin Intro
Grand Prix 2 IntroGrand Prix 2 Intro
Grand Prix 2 Intro
Hamon IV Demo Intro (Pentagon Fix)Hamon IV Demo Intro (Pentagon Fix)
Hamon IV Demo Intro (Pentagon Fix)
Hamon IV Return To Home From Deathland Crack Intro
Hamon IV Return To Home From Deathland Crack Intro
LG 17 Gift
LG 17 Gift
Mega Apocalypse IntroMega Apocalypse Intro
Mega Apocalypse Intro
Metal Army IntroMetal Army Intro
Metal Army Intro
Motos Crack Intro
Motos Crack Intro
Open IT IntroOpen IT Intro
Open IT Intro
Operation Hormuz IntroOperation Hormuz Intro
Operation Hormuz Intro
SLOG Coming SoonSLOG Coming Soon
SLOG Coming Soon
Solaris Crack Intro
Solaris Crack Intro
World Series Basketball IntroWorld Series Basketball Intro
World Series Basketball Intro

Publisher of software

Hamon IV: Return to home from deathmanlandsHamon IV: Return to home from deathmanlands
Hamon IV: Return to home from deathmanlands

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