Name: Light Future Group

City: Perm
Country: Russia

Group members

Group member Starting from Until Roles in group
luchibobra Graphician
psndcj Graphician
nodeus Graphician Musician
Psychotron Graphician
sq Graphician
Survivor Graphician Musician

Software developer

Black Groove 17 Gift
Chimera Crack Intro
Cybernetic Hello To K.Y.B.
Digital Wave
Digital Wave Demo
Digital Wave Demo 2
Fire Gift
Gift 4 Diver
Gift 4 Dr.Dismal
Gift for Diver
Giftmo 4 Black Groove of LightFuture
Glazov 2
Happy New ZX Year Gift 2015
Insanity Intro 7
LFG Demo
LFG Demo 3
Light Future boot
Perm ZX Net
Screen Visual Optimizer
Strake Gift
Ultra X Format