This part of the website contains all ZX Spectrum demoscene parties entries for graphics in original 6912, gigascreen and multigigascreen formats. All entries are sorted by years and parties.
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Latest added parties

Party Country City Year party 2018.2 Poland Warsaw 2018
Riverwash 2018 Poland 2018
International Symposium on Bits and Beverages Netherlands Amsterdam 2018
Chaos Constructions 2018 Russia St.Petersburg 2018
Crazy Siberian Party 2018 Russia Novosibirsk 2018
DiHalt 2018 Russia Nizhniy Novgorod 2018
Multimatograf 2018 ZX Paintover spin-off Russia online 2018
Outline'2018 Netherlands 2018
Multimatograf 2018 Russia Vologda 2018 party 2018.1 Poland Warsaw 2018