Lost Party 2021

Title: Lost Party 2021
Abbreviation: LP21
Year: 2021
Country: Poland
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Song title Musician(s) Year Rating Download
Hedgedog / Piesojez AceMan PT3 2021
16 156 LP21 1 First placeDownload AceMan+-+Hedgedog++Piesojez+%282021%29+%28Lost+Party+2021%2C+1%29.pt3Download
Lost Memories Pator PT3 2021
25 516 LP21 2 Second placeDownload Pator+-+Lost+Memories+%282021%29+%28Lost+Party+2021%2C+2%29.pt3Download
Summer wave MCH PT3 2021
10 167 LP21 3 Third placeDownload MCH+-+Summer+wave+%282021%29+%28Lost+Party+2021%2C+3%29.pt3Download
LeApfRoG Slash PT3 2021
6 111 LP21 4 Download Slash+-+LeApfRoG+%282021%29+%28Lost+Party+2021%2C+4%29.pt3Download
Uturna fatalsnipe PT3 2021
7 161 LP21 5 Download fatalsnipe+-+Uturna+%282021%29+%28Lost+Party+2021%2C+5%29.pt3Download
dupa glowa komodore Zlew PT3 2021
7 106 LP21 6 Download Zlew+-+dupa+glowa+komodore+%282021%29+%28Lost+Party+2021%2C+6%29.pt3Download
XoRRoX26.07.2021 09:10
Usually, I'm not so into melodic main voice tunes, but this one has so many other things going on that creates constant variety and changing soundscapes that are really keeping it interesting until the end. And makes me want to listen to it even more.

Thank you for creating and sharing it. Well done.

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