Title of release: Doom
Release of software: Doom (1997)
Supported hardware: AY-3-8910/12, YM2149F Tape ZX Spectrum 128K
Supported languages: English
Legal status of release: No information
Release format: TZX tape
Release type: Adaptation
File: Download
Times downloaded: 42
Times played: 16
Uploaded by: Xela, 24.09.2023 15:42
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Release file and folder structure 99228 ZIP Archive Download
Doom.TZX 98984 TZX tape Download
DOOMB.B 609 File Download View
data01 11373 File Download
data02 9876 File Download
data03 15080 File Download
data04 14950 File Download
data05 14068 File Download
data06 14603 File Download
data07 4484 File Download
data08 13844 File Download