Title of release: Lirus
Release of software: Lirus (2015)
Supported hardware: AY-3-8910/12, YM2149F ZX Spectrum 128K
Legal status of release: No information
Published by: RetroSouls
Year: 2015
Release format: TAP tape
Release type: Original
Version: 128K
File: Download Lirus(128K) Lirus(128K)
Times downloaded: 84
Times played: 7
Added: 20.04.2018 15:41
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Release file and folder structure

Lirus(128K) 22724 ZIP Archive Download
Lirus128.tap 69035 TAP tape Download
LIRUS-128.B 267 File Download View
scr.C 6912 File Download View
game.C 38535 File Download
m1.C 10348 File Download
m2.C 12848 File Download