The Spy Who Loved Me

Title of release: The Spy Who Loved Me
Release of software: The Spy Who Loved Me (1990)
Supported hardware: Interface2 joystick (right) Kempston joystick ZX Spectrum 128K ZX Spectrum 48K
Legal status of release: No information
Published by: Erbe Software S.A.
Year: 1990
Release format: TZX tape
Release type: Re-release
Version: (Double Case)
File: Download SpyWhoLovedMeThe(DoubleCase)(EspiaQueMeAmoLa)(ErbeSoftwareS.A.) SpyWhoLovedMeThe(DoubleCase)(EspiaQueMeAmoLa)(ErbeSoftwareS.A.)
Times downloaded: 19
Times played: 2
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Release file and folder structure

SpyWhoLovedMeThe(DoubleCase)(EspiaQueMeAmoLa)(ErbeSoftwareS.A.) 46037 ZIP Archive Download
La Espia Que Me Amo - Double Case - Side 1 (Erbe).tzx 18113 TZX tape Download
S.W.L.M..B 149 File Download View
fadscr.C 6912 File Download View
code.C 10700 File Download
La Espia Que Me Amo - Double Case - Side 2 (Erbe).tzx 149010 TZX tape Download
data01 64 File Download
data02 29695 File Download
data03 64 File Download
data04 29695 File Download
data05 64 File Download
data06 29695 File Download
data07 64 File Download
data08 29695 File Download
data09 64 File Download
data10 29695 File Download