The Spy Who Loved Me

Title of release: The Spy Who Loved Me
Release of software: The Spy Who Loved Me (1990)
Additional authors: Tolly (Adaptation, Release)
Legal status of release: No information
Year: 1991
Release format: SCL disk
Release type: Adaptation
File: Download S_W_L_M_.ZIP S_W_L_M_.ZIP
Links: Page on Virtual TR-DOS
Times downloaded: 25
Times played: 6
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Release file and folder structure

S_W_L_M_.ZIP 44917 ZIP Archive Download
S_W_L_M_.SCL 159855 SCL disk Download
S.W.L.M..B 434 File Download View
swlm.C.C 10700 File Download
swlm.1.C 29695 File Download
swlm.2.C 29695 File Download
swlm.3.C 29695 File Download
swlm.4.C 29695 File Download
swlm.5.C 29695 File Download