Dizzy and the Mystical Letter

Title: Dizzy and the Mystical Letter
Minimum required hardware: Pentagon 128
Legal status of release: No information
Published by: hippiman
Year: 2018
Release type: Original
File: Download DizzyAndTheMysticalLetter.trd.zip DizzyAndTheMysticalLetter.trd.zip
Times downloaded: 102
Times played: 25
Play online:


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DizzyML.trd 655360TRD diskDownload
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scripts.C 4555FileDownload
sndlib.C 2487FileDownload
sounds.C 940FileDownload
map1.C 16360FileDownload
mat1.C 3534FileDownload
txtcode1.C 11709FileDownload
tilepic1.C 16384FileDownload
sprites.C 6862FileDownload
sprites2.C 1716FileDownload
font.C 1024FileDownload
mus0.C 1898FileDownload
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