Hamon IV: Return to home from deathmanlands

Title: Hamon IV: Return to home from deathmanlands
Minimum required hardware: ZX Spectrum 128K
Additionally supported hardware: AY-3-8910 Covox Cursor Kempston joystick
Legal status of release: No information
Publishers: Ascendancy Creative Labs
Year: 1997
Release type: Original
Version: Оригинал
File: Download HamonIV.trd.zip HamonIV.trd.zip
Links: Page on Virtual TR-DOS
Downloads: 12
Started: 5
Play online:
Hamon iv 1
Hamon iv 2
Hamon iv 3
Hamon iv 4
Hamon iv 5
Hamon iv 6
Hamon iv 7
Hamon iv 8
Hamon iv 9

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HAMONIV.TRD 264448TRD diskDownload
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BLOCK -.2 65280FileDownload
BLOCK -.1 62976FileDownload
HAMON IV.B120FileDownloadView
BLOCK +.1 65280FileDownload
BLOCK +.2 1024FileDownload