Title of release: Scumball
Release of software: Scumball (1988)
Supported hardware: Cursor Interface2 joystick (right) Kempston joystick ZX Spectrum 48K
Legal status of release: No information
Published by: Bulldog Software [1]
Year: 1988
Release format: TAP tape
Release type: Original
File: Download
Times downloaded: 32
Times played: 1
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Release file and folder structure 32947 ZIP Archive Download
SCUMBALL.TAP 48006 TAP tape Download
Scumball.B 84 File Download View
?.C 6912 File Download View
?.C 40935 File Download
INFO 37 Folder
SCUMBALL.TXT 49 File Download View
SCRSHOT 40 Folder
SCUMBALL.SCR 6912 File Download View
POKES 38 Folder
SCUMBALL.POK 339 File Download View