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md5: 105e946dbc119607a8e78b42c4067d96
 'Roust' 128k
 from Highrise Electronics (c)2018

 A medieval arcade game  for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum (currently
for 128k only, soon to be 48k)
 Greetings, and thankyou  for downloading Roust for the ZX Spec-
trum, and supporting homebrew development.

 This is  the full version  which contains most  of the features
you would expect  including  Egg Wave, Survival Wave, Lava Troll
and Pterodactyl, and of course  gets steadily harder the further
you progress. The only feature missing is two player mode, and I
fully intend to implement that at a later stage and make it free
for anyone  who has  bought the game.  At that point  a physical
copy on tape should also be available.

 As with Terrapins,it will include another game, just as soon as
I have finished it.

 Big thanks  go to  David Saphier  for converting  the music and
implementing the  sound effects, as  well as  helping  with some
important coding details.  Thanks also to Craig Howard once more
for his excellent loading screen.

 Expect another arcade conversion from me fairly soon,but in the
meantime,I hope you enjoy Roust as much as I have enjoyed making
it for you.

 Best wishes and happy gaming!