Title of release: Gunrunner
Release of software: Gunrunner (1987)
Additional authors: tiboh (Adaptation, Release), Slider (Adaptation, Release)
Supported hardware: Kempston 8bit
Legal status of release: No information
Year: 2023
Release format: SCL disk
Release type: Modification
File: Download
Links: Page on Virtual TR-DOS
Times downloaded: 5
Times played: 5
Play online:
+ Alternative Loading Screen
+ Cosmetic Modificatoions
+ Instructions
+ Kempston Joystick 8 Bit
+ Keys Remapped: QAOP+Space, Enter - Activate Poison, H - Pause
+ Pause Mode Fix
helpcomputer0 31.03.2024 15:25
What a cool alternate loading screen included in this release! It looks like the one I made!
Slider 01.04.2024 08:47
Yes, that's it! Thanks for a superb screen!

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Release file and folder structure 36065 ZIP Archive Download
24_GunRunnr.scl 41527 SCL disk Download
GUNRUNNR.B 29184 File Download View
gunr_txt.B 6400 File Download View
gunr_txt.W 5857 File Download View