Line of Fire

Title: Line of Fire
Minimum required hardware: AY-3-8910 Interface2 joystick (left) Interface2 joystick (right) Kempston joystick ZX Spectrum 128K ZX Spectrum 48K
Legal status of release: No information
Published by: Musical 1 S.A.
Year: 1990
Release type: Re-release
File: Download LineOfFire(Musical1S.A.) LineOfFire(Musical1S.A.)
Times downloaded: 18
Times played: 0
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LineOfFire(Musical1S.A.) 72922ZIP ArchiveDownload
Line Of Fire (Erbe - Musical 1).tap 173519TAP tapeDownload
loader.C 512FileDownload
LINE FIRE.C6912FileDownloadView
LINE FIRE.C 18660FileDownload
LINE FIRE.C 450FileDownload
LINE FIRE.C 13711FileDownload
LINE FIRE.C 14105FileDownload
LINE FIRE.C 14410FileDownload
LINE FIRE.C 4096FileDownload
LINE FIRE.C 14392FileDownload
LINE FIRE.C 14615FileDownload
LINE FIRE.C 13758FileDownload
LINE FIRE.C 14387FileDownload
LINE FIRE.C 14605FileDownload
LINE FIRE.C 4096FileDownload
LINE FIRE.C 13347FileDownload
LINE FIRE.C 3840FileDownload