Master Brain: MASTER_B.B

Is a part of release: Master Brain
File size: 9216
md5: b92980bbd4195e7fe4677a208d5ede53
  0 REM  CLEAR  THEN INKEY$&WCODE v OPEN # RETURN w,  DRAW $ RANDOMIZE !@@ COPY u GO SUB VAL !PI] BORDER P MERGE z RETURN W8 POKE >vv! BORDER Zw# DRAW  AND 8 THEN w( GO SUB > VERIFY 2~]>7 DATA  NEXT ! LET <>"CHR$ /!` RANDOMIZE  GO SUB [ POKE /" STEP =NOT `0l OUT }[H] OVER ACS m PLOT   OUT } CLS  CONTINUE ▚mNOT VAL VAL l1USR VAL mACS }ACS  FLASH a BORDER [L]>}ATN  TO m LIST  NEXT oACS m▜ OUT mACS ▚m RUN  TO mVAL NOT  GO SUB ACS m▚}[H] OUT PEEK mACS  TO }VAL NOT mATN  OUT @Packed by Maddy VINS/Phantom FAMiLY'1998--=++=-- GrEEtZ    to   OUR BESTFRIENDS!===++=--  like   Binary Dimension, Cyber Punks Unity, Eternity Industry, Speed co/XTM, Triumph, Serios Speccy, Virtual Vision,  DiO-GeN, Laser....