Title of release: UFO 2
Release of software: НЛО 2: Дьяволы Бездны (1996)
Additional authors: MTs (Release, Adaptation)
Supported hardware: divIDE Kempston mouse MDOS ZX Spectrum 128K
Supported languages: Russian
Legal status of release: No information
Release type: Adaptation
Version: v2.45 (D40/D80)
File: Download ufo-2_for_d80.zip ufo-2_for_d80.zip
Times downloaded: 5
Times played: 3
Uploaded by: Xela, 25.09.2023 16:52
Play online:
Deadly 25.09.2023 18:32
а в чём разница ?
Xela 25.09.2023 18:42
версия под MDOS для Didaktik D40/D80
Deadly 25.09.2023 18:48

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Release file and folder structure

ufo-2_for_d80.zip 849914 ZIP Archive Download
ufo-2-mdos-prom.D_0 2160 File Download
ufo-2-mdos-txt.wri 3714 File Download
ufo-2.d80 737280 File Download
ufo-2.trd 655360 TRD disk Download
boot.B 65280 File Download View
UFO II.0.C 65280 File Download
UFO II.1.C 65280 File Download
UFO II.2.C 65280 File Download
UFO II.3.C 65280 File Download
UFO II.4.C 65280 File Download
UFO II.5.C 65280 File Download
UFO II.6.C 48896 File Download