Soldier of the Future

Title: Soldier of the Future
Additional authors: Minisoft avec NRJ (Intro coding, Intro graphics), Kva (Intro coding)
Minimum required hardware: ZX Spectrum 128K
Additionally supported hardware: AY-3-8910 ZX Spectrum 128K
Supported languages: Russian
Legal status of release: No information
Publishers: Spectrum Warriors Corp.
Year: 1996
Release type: Modification
File: Download SOTF.ZIP SOTF.ZIP
Links: Page on Virtual TR-DOS
Downloads: 6
Started: 2
Play online:
Sotf 1
Sotf 2
Sotf 3
Sotf 4
Sotf 5

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SOTF.ZIP 491500ZIP ArchiveDownload
SOTF.TRD 655360TRD diskDownload
bc3.0.C 4530FileDownload
main 0.G 24576FileDownload
main 1.G 24832FileDownload
main 2.G 46592FileDownload
sotf_b1.C 28416FileDownload
sotf_b2.C 61440FileDownload
sotf_b3.C 54784FileDownload
base4.M 4096FileDownload
MAP1.M 4000FileDownload
map8.M 4096FileDownload
ground.M 4096FileDownload
base3.M 4000FileDownload
map2.M 4000FileDownload
base1.M 4000FileDownload
p1.R 1280FileDownload
p2.R 1280FileDownload
rk1.R 1280FileDownload
rob.R 1280FileDownload
help1.R 1280FileDownload
help2.R 1280FileDownload
p3.R 1280FileDownload
p4.R 1280FileDownload
help3.R 1280FileDownload
I1.C 4252FileDownload
H1.C 14561FileDownload