Title of release: Xplayer
Release of software: Xplayer (1997)
Supported hardware: AY-3-8910/12, YM2149F Beta Disk Interface TR-DOS
Legal status of release: No information
Release type: Unknown
Version: 7.9
File: Download XPLAY_79.ZIP XPLAY_79.ZIP
Links: Page on Virtual TR-DOS
Times downloaded: 29
Times played: 6
Play online:
XPLAY 79 000004

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XPLAY_79.ZIP 54176ZIP ArchiveDownload
XPLAY_79.SCL 111285SCL diskDownload
ACTION.C 13400FileDownload
BR/CR1.C 9472FileDownload
BR/CR2.C 9472FileDownload
BS-I 2.F 10956FileDownload
KSAzy-zy.C 7936FileDownload
MBALL0.C 5500FileDownload
MEGAHERC.M 7556FileDownload
PANIC IV.M 5139FileDownload
VIVID.M 7072FileDownload
ReadMe.C 4439FileDownload