AY Megademo 3 Part 2

AY Megademo 3 Part 2 inspiration
Название: AY Megademo 3 Part 2
Автор: AAA
Формат: Стандартный 6912
Год: 2019
Имя файла при закачке: AY Megademo 3 Part 2.scr
Скачать AAA+-+AY+Megademo+3+Part+2+%282019%29.scrОригинальный файл
СкачатьСкачать для PC
СкачатьСкачать для PC (2X)
СкачатьСкачать для печати (A4 300dpi)
Теги: Hajime Sorayama, Женщина, Космос, Кровь, Планета, Робот, Сиськи
Просмотры: 74
Добавил: tiboh, 25.06.2019 05:34
Alessandro Grussu30.07.2019 00:39
Hajime Sorayama, anyone? ;-)
moroz199930.07.2019 02:39
Exactly, thank you!
introspec30.07.2019 16:04
This screen is actually not a copy, but a rip from MSX, check out https://demozoo.org/productions/134895/
moroz199930.07.2019 16:43
And a poorly done rip as well: lots of color transitions had been lost in process.
introspec31.07.2019 15:58
This is for a good reason; this screen is quite special even for MSX, because it has a static layer, which is then corrected/improved by the layer of sprites on top. I have the relevant separate images, but I am unable to find where I've got them from.

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