The Chaos Engine

What if... The Chaos Engine (Bitmap Brothers, 1993) was released on the Spectrum? This is my fan art style loading screen.

Название: The Chaos Engine
Формат: Стандартный 6912
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Теги: Мокап, Очки, Супергерой
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MD5 хэш: 2f9df9591c0503fa05d1597cb484b315
Добавил: Andy Green, 11.02.2018 20:37
Andy Green 17.02.2018 10:56
I would be very interested in feedback on this screen. It's a new project I am trying. Elsewhere, the reception to my Chaos Engine pic has been very well recieved. :)
moroz1999 19.02.2018 14:05
Andy, it has some nice details but also a large room for improvements. I can try to make a detailed review with technical suggestion, would you like it?
Andy Green 20.02.2018 11:04
moroz1999 - fire away! :D
Ricardo 20.02.2018 13:08
Andy, sorry but I don't like the image that much.
I guess it's the dithering that doesn't work.
Perhaps for this conversion you should go for solid shapes with minimal dithering?
Since each character is monochrome, it might work well.
lvideo4867 20.02.2018 18:08
I think it looks great. It really looks like the loading screen the game would have had had it appeared on the Spectrum back in the day. I totally disagree about the dithering not working - it all adds to the 'shady atmosphere'. Keep doing them as you do them Andy - far too many Spectrum pics on this site look like the result of dodgy scanning with no thought for the Speccy's attribute limitations.

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