The Forest of Doom

I've always loved those Fighting Fantasy books from the very first print. It seems only one was released on the Spectrum which didn't have a loading screen. I had already done one on the Amiga in 1995 so gave my version the Spectrum treatment by copying across sections using a grid method. There are lots of brown colours on the original book cover of which the Spectrum doesn't have, so non-bright red has been used. While the use of it may seem a tad overkill, it is a night-time scene and introducing other colours spoiled the overall effect.

Название: The Forest of Doom
Формат: Стандартный 6912
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Теги: Дерево, Лес, Макет загрузочного экрана, Монстр, Плащ
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Добавил: Andy Green, 24.04.2018 11:51
Ricardo 24.04.2018 17:50
Great 5 star screen!
Just because you mention too much red and a night scene, perhaps magenta (a cold tone) for the trees would work.

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