Alone inspiration

Redraw of: [url=]Alone by TMK[/url]
3rd at Forever'2000 zx spectrum graphics

Название: Alone
Автор: diver
Формат: Стандартный 6912
Палитра: sRGB
Пати: Forever 2e3 (3, Общий конкурс графики)
Год: 2000
Имя файла при закачке: alone.scr
Скачать diver+-+Alone+%282000%29+%28Forever+2e3%2C+3%29.scrОригинальный файл
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Теги: Excess Deluxe Paint, Hidden Pixels, Redraw, Room, Босиком, Женщина, Кровать, Портрет, Ребенок
Просмотры: 1981
MD5 хэш: 295c636ec771b3f399a18b3624c5b0a7
Добавил: moroz1999, 14.07.2010 23:41
sq25.07.2011 19:31
Эту картинку я считаю революционной, а текстуры "лесенкой" - первым совершенно безумным смелым решением дайвера, которых у него потом будет несметное количество.
tutty25.07.2011 19:39
Кстати говоря, в оригинале (при рисовании на scorpion'e), этой лесенки у diver'a почти не было из-за неправильно выкрученной яркости. Она обнаружилась позже.

Что касается безумных решений - да, именно с дайвера у меня любовь к графике и началась. А эта картинка была одной из любимых. Улыбаюсь.
ref16.01.2021 18:20
Hi diver, everytime I look at this image, I keep asking myself: why diver put some rectangular steps in the diagonal shadow area of the wall. I understand, you are trying to hide brightness clash but green and bright green is not that visible change. I know you are very talented at hiding color clash in zx spectrum graphics so this looks like an artistical choice. Are you sure this is the best solution to this particular area of the image? thanks
introspec17.01.2021 02:55
This image was drawn in 2000, on a ZX Spectrum that was connected to an old tv-set with a fairly unusual gamma setting. Because gamma was not really standartized back at the time, and also because the technique that surprised you also surprised many other people, a palette setting necessary to view this image correctly has been formulated (it is called, predictably, "alone"). At present we have better understanding of common gamma settings and the community more-or-less agreed to use more reasonable palette "pulsar" (which was developed empyrically) or even standard sRGB, as used by this site. You can see the difference between "alone" and "pulsar" when applied to this image here:
moroz199917.01.2021 11:56
Just to mention: "sRGB" palette currently uses same coefficients for non-bright colors as "pulsar" does, the only difference is in gigascreen mixing. We've tried to calculate the true ZX48 coefficients basing on ULA book, but it came much brighter than what everyone uses.

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