Rear Window

Rear Window
Rear Window
Rear Window

        title: rear window
       author: diver/4d
        compo: oldschool graphics

       source: this pixel image is based upon the istockphoto #18443697

       format: multicolour 8x4 + full border
     hardware: zx spectrum 128k/+2/+2a/+2b/+3
               pentagon / pentevo / scorpion zs256 / profi

      remarks: the image looks best when the full border is shown.
               please do not truncate the border!

       viewer: introspec

 linear notes: hi, this is introspec, who is always obsessing over every
               possible influence he possibly has had while working on the
               viewer for this fantastic image. ok, here it goes.

               first, i'm very excited to work with the pixel artist of diver's
               calibre. it is one thing to write a code and see it work and
               completely another to see it contribute to something greater.

               second, this viewer would not exist without creative input from
               many people on forums,,
      and on irc channel #z80@forestnet. the ideas and
               suggestions by Barmaley_m, Black_Cat, breeze, Einar Saukas,
               Faster, null_device, psb, psndcj, Robus and Vadim are all very
               much appreciated. contributions by aowen and noleg were
               instrumental in making this whole thing work.

               third, i would like to particularly thank people who beta-tested
               components and early versions of this viewer on their hardware:
               DDp, ellvis, goodboy, HackerVBI, mcleod_ideafix, Sergey78 and

               last, but not least, i'd like to thank the authors of many
               great emulators, without which this project would simply not be
               possible: fuse ver. by Philip Kendall and others, SpecEmu
               ver.3.1 by The Woodster, Spectaculator ver.8.0 by Jonathan
               Needle, UnrealSpeccy ver.0.38.0 by SMT (and especially its
               version for CMOS CPUs custom-built for this project by
               TS-Labs!), ZXMAK2 ver. beta by Alexander Makeev and
               ZXSpin ver.0.7 by Paul Dunn.

               the code of the viewer is largely original, except from the
               tact alignment routine inspired by the Alone Coder's routine
               given in the supplement to ZX-Guide #3. few platform tests
               are based on the article by Paul Falcon & Yuri Kovalevsky in
               Spectrofon #22 (1997). i also use an arbitrary delay routine
               written by Jan Bobrowski for his program "minfo".

               i'm still working on adding support for more platforms, which
               means that the current version of the code is still imperfect.
               some configurations were not tested on real hardware. there
               surely are few bugs in there too, some i know about, some yet
               to be uncovered. once the viewer is more-or-less finalised, its
               source code will be released.

               if you are an artist, who currenly works on zx spectrum, or who
               is interested to explore drawing in extended zx spectrum modes,
               we are planning to provide conversion tools and instructions,
               to help you implement your vision in software.

               we still need to improve the viewer, to design the file formats
               for border and border+multicolour images and to add support for
               other compatible computers and clones. if anyone is interested
               in contributing and, especially, in doing few tests on your
               hardware, please get in touch:

               hi, this is diver on the keys!

               first of all, what can i say... all these border and multicolor
               graphics were impossible without massive coder skills of
               introspec. so respect, dude!

               second, of course big thanks to everyone who helped to test and
               to improve the viewer routines. we are always looking to support
               more zx spectrum hardware.

               i hope that introspec will release his tools to the public so
               that everyone will get an oppotrunity to draw their own border

               my personal thanks goes to Takashi Iida, author of Edge Touch,
               graphics editor for iOS - my basic drawing tool nowadays,
               to Irfan Skiljan, author of Irfan View, the graphics processing
               tool which i'm using for past 10-15 years and of course thanks to
               Leszek Daniel Chmielewski for his BMP2SCR.

               greets to everyone at the Sundown 2013 demoparty!

Название: Rear Window
Автор: diver
Формат: BMC4 (мультиколор 8*4 с бордюром)
Палитра: sRGB
Пати: Sundown 2013 (2, Общий конкурс графики)
Год: 2013
Имя файла при закачке: rrwindow.bmc4
Скачать diver+-+Rear+Window+%282013%29+%28Sundown+2013%2C+2%29.bmc4Оригинальный файл
СкачатьСкачать для PC2X3X4X
СкачатьСкачать для печати (A4 300dpi)
Теги: Глаз, Жалюзи, Женщина, Лицо, Окно, Пальцы, Рука
Просмотры: 3368
Добавил: diver, 08.09.2013 20:59
breeze08.09.2013 21:16
Не вижу картинки.
moroz199908.09.2013 21:47
Картинка юзает мультиколор и бордюр - пока что отдельного формата хранения на такой тип нет.
Как только авторы договорятся о стандарте - запилим конвертер.
breeze09.09.2013 11:02
>Как только авторы договорятся о стандарте - запилим конвертер.

diver09.09.2013 21:02
Пока нет формата - повисит в IFLI с полной версией вместо WIP.
prof4d09.09.2013 22:00
а чем смотреть этот ifli?
pulsar10.09.2013 17:58
moroz199910.09.2013 21:16
Вообще, лютый респект за расширение границ графики и популяризацию морально новых режимов на старом железе.
diver10.09.2013 22:22
Класть яркое пятно на жалюзи... Хз. Бордер не яркий и пятно только по середине - даже и не знаю как. Насчет остального - копировал как мог и насколько хватило сил:). Буду стараться в следующий раз лучше:) если бы мультиколор был 8х1, то стыковать яркие и неяркие цвета было бы проще и тогда реально с освещением можно работать по-другому. Все впереди еще:)
moroz199912.09.2013 00:01
Я заметил, что жк-моники настолько разные, что на пц одна и та же работа требует разной палитры на разных мониторах. Особенно это заметно на маскировке перехода из неяркого знакоместа в яркое через шахматную текстуру.
На одном мониторе гладко воспринимается через pulsar, на другом - через alone.
bfox12.09.2013 00:18
you rule!

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