Doodle of Roxy

Doodle of Roxy
Doodle of Roxy
Doodle of Roxy

This is my Guide Dog Roxy, Most folk don't know but I'm actually registered blind (But obviously have some usable sight otherwise no pictures :D) so have a Guide Dog to help me navigate outside the home, and prevent me from being hit by people or traffic or walking into things.

Roxy is my lifeline, as was my previous guide dog Finlay before her. They are incredible animals and just did this little doodle to show her to the spectrum world ;)

Название: Doodle of Roxy
Автор: Dok
Формат: Стандартный 6912
Палитра: sRGB
Год: 2024
Имя файла при закачке: Roxy Doodle.scr
Скачать Dok+-+Doodle+of+Roxy+%282024%29.scrОригинальный файл
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Теги: Black, Guide Dog, Labrador, Retriever, Животное, Собака
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Добавил: D0k^RA, 10.05.2024 20:19

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