# My second ZX Spectrum picture, released as a remote contribution at Millenium 2003, held in Minsk, Belarus. Ranked 2nd in the compo, so the organizers sent me a cool diploma for that :)
I lacked a bit of inspiration when starting this pic, so I reckon the topic is utterly crap, zillions of demoscene pictures featuring a girl and a butterfly have probably been already released. This time I used Promotion a lot, its ability to display a grid in top of the picture being very useful here... SevenuP was then used to correct the few mistakes and to convert the pic to the native Spectrum format.
# Date : September 2003
# Format : 256*192/8 colours with ZX Spectrum limitations: 2 colours only for each 8x8 block. Each block can be either bright or dark.
# No copy.

Название: Ruhe
Автор: Exocet
Формат: Стандартный 6912
Палитра: sRGB
Пати: Millennium 1903 (2, Общий конкурс графики)
Год: 2003
Имя файла при закачке: RUHE.a
Скачать Exocet+-+Ruhe+%282003%29+%28Millennium+1903%2C+2%29.scrОригинальный файл
СкачатьСкачать для PC
СкачатьСкачать для PC (2X)
СкачатьСкачать для печати (A4 300dpi)
Теги: Бабочка, Голова, Женщина, Животное, Тысячелетие
Просмотры: 769
MD5 хэш: f4f0276937ca76f99fc08f5fc427605c
Добавил: moroz1999, 11.06.2010 20:48

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