Patrol Outpost - Borderlands

Patrol Outpost - Borderlands
Patrol Outpost - Borderlands
Patrol Outpost - Borderlands

Border effect for regular Outpost Patrol imagery.

Название: Patrol Outpost - Borderlands
Автор: heptica (hepterida)
Формат: BSC (экран с бордюром)
Палитра: sRGB
Год: 2023
Имя файла при закачке: raycity_remastered (3).bsc
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Теги: Башня, Гора
Просмотры: 30
Добавил: hepterida, 31.03.2023 01:02
hepterida05.04.2023 10:48
This is the only outpost to be king of all speccy outposts :-)
helpcomputer005.04.2023 20:53
Thanks, I like your outpost too! I'll have to try this border effect one day.
hepterida07.04.2023 12:23
Tbanks man! Appreciate that cordially.
To .bsc, I can support you about tools etc. if you'd like.
I am on Telegram as hepterida, or on Slack as ... hepterida :-)
Have a great times, artist!

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