Black Tiger

Black Tiger inspiration
Название: Black Tiger
Формат: Стандартный 6912
Название релиза: Black Tiger
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Теги: Arcade, Pixel-Art, Альтернативный загрузочный экран, Воин, Доспехи, Дракон, Игра, Огонь, Шлем
Просмотры: 2429
MD5 хэш: 5b8e57c24f52f1c80b4b62f57a625bca
Добавил: moroz1999, 17.05.2013 19:43
NeilParsons23.05.2013 00:19
I'm glad to have done this artistic loading screen. The game deserves it.
diver23.05.2013 10:27
Yeah, Neil. As always it is pleasure to see new loading screens which is so accurate pixelled.

BTW, will you draw some more pics?
NeilParsons23.05.2013 23:24
I hope so.
diver24.05.2013 12:31
Neil, what about of taking part in russian contests? There is 3 ones this summer: ArtField, Di:Halt and Chaos Constructions.
NeilParsons01.06.2013 19:31
I've managed to make more artistic screens, this time concerning with "Zorro" videogame from Datasoft. They are visible at World Of Spectrum forum:
NeilParsons01.06.2013 19:33
diver: I'd like but I got no time for contests. I have to center myself in other priorities.
diver02.06.2013 08:38
Neil, it's more easy than you think - to take part in russian contest. Just enter it with next new loading screen :).
moroz199902.06.2013 12:07
And I think that You have a good chance not only to enter it, but to win it as well :)
Kantxo28.01.2015 00:14
El juego original sólo tiene un rótulo muy simple como pantalla de presentación. Esta versión sí está a la altura de la excelente ilustración de la carátula.
The original game only has a very simple title as loading screen. This version is as good as the excellent cover artwork.
Van-B08.05.2015 15:56
Great stuff! - makes me want to try the Speccy version.

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