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Авторы > I > Ignacio Prini Garcia > Zorro Ver.1

Zorro Ver.1

Название: Zorro Ver.1
Формат: Стандартный 6912
Оригинальный файл: Скачать Ignacio+Prini+Garcia+-+Zorro+Ver.1+%282013%29.scrIgnacio Prini Garcia - Zorro Ver.1 (2013).scr
Скачать для PC: СкачатьIgnacio Prini Garcia - Zorro Ver.1 (2013)
Скачать для PC (2X): СкачатьIgnacio Prini Garcia - Zorro Ver.1 (2013)
Скачать для печати (A4 300dpi): СкачатьIgnacio Prini Garcia - Zorro Ver.1 (2013)
Теги: Datasoft, Альтернативный загрузочный экран, Зорро, Игра, Меч
Просмотры: 1092
MD5 хэш: 5712ce5d45b58690bbca71fb11fe95b7
Добавил: diver, 02.06.2013 08:34
diver 03.06.2013 08:08 -0+
Neil, nice screen.
But self-voting usually not welcome here.
moroz1999 03.06.2013 09:37 -0+
Diver, why not? :)
Somebody's own screen is a screen too - self-voting can show whether the author is happy with his work or not.
I think that denial of a self-voting is a consequence of false modesty from one side, and a serious mistrust from the other.

Here on ZX-Art the main purpose of voting is putting up some practical ratings, so the decent works would be more accessible for the visitors and newcomers. Denial of self-voting would become really understandable if we would issue some prizes for the first places. Unless we do that, there is no problem with it at all, imho.

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