Vlacherna, Corfu

Vlacherna, Corfu
Vlacherna, Corfu
Vlacherna, Corfu

The Holy Monastery of Panagia Vlacherna, Corfu
This is the famous tiny monastery on the tip of the Kanoni Peninsula, south of the capital town of Corfu, Greece. In the background the hills are the very edge of Greece, bordering Albania.

It's where James Bond meets Melina Havelock in 'For Your Eyes Only' and close to Pontikonisi ('Mouse Island'), where the young naturalist Gerald Durrell and his sister Margo went swimming and sunbathing in the 1930s.

Visitors are often surprised to find this is right at the end of the main runway, and aeroplanes fly in low over it every day. The runway is built on rubble from the ruins of the town bombed during the war, dragged out and tipped into the lagoon south of town. The approach lights stand on a series of small piers that extend out to sea, looking for all the world like the strange contraptions from the classic adventure game 'Myst'.

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