Flags of the World 1982-2012 - Europe

Flags of the World 1982-2012 - Europe
Flags of the World 1982-2012 - Europe
Flags of the World 1982-2012 - Europe


It is stated that it is the intention of the author to offend nobody for any controversy that could arise for this work. Please read carefully the following statements.

Disclaimer about design:

Due to limitations in image and color resolution native to ZX Spectrum, full accurate detail cannot be achieved to represent every flag at the small size of 3x2 character cells each.

Effort has been made to represent every flag as close as possible to their official designs, colors and heraldics, but there are cases which suffer unintended, more or less noticiable artifacts. Anyway, the goal is to provide recognizable miniatures of the flags in ZX Spectrum screen format.

Disclaimer about geography:

Usually, continents and oceans do not have natural borders to delimite them sharply when two are side by side. Thus, the concepts of 'continent' and 'ocean' are giving by convention.

For the purpose of this work, 'Europe' is defined as the sum of the territories which are in full or in part in the Eurasian contient to the West of the Ural mounts and the Western coasts of the Black Sea, the Bosforo strait and the Eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea, plus the major islands and archipielagos inside the Mediterranean Sea to the North of the Northern coast of the African Continent, plus the Iceland and Britain Islands in the Atlantic Ocean.

Any islands, archipielagos and enclaves outside these boundaries but ruled directly by European powers as of 2012 as being constituent part of their own territory by law (that is, not considered Overseas territories nor dependencies by such powers), are also considered 'Europe' no matter in what part of the World they are.

Any country or territory that partially lie within the given boundaries as of 2012 (namely Turkey and the Russian Federation) are included. Please, check the sheet of Asia and Indic Ocean to locate the flags of the countries and territories of the rest of the Eurasian continent.

By doing these exceptions, the author simply reflects some of the complexities of the current international geopolitical actual facts, which are far beyond his own will or personal tastes or inclinations.

Disclaimer about politics:

These are the flags of countries and territories in Europe used from 1982 to 2012. The concept of what a 'country' is is sometimes controversial depending upon context, so for the purposes of this work the author considered a 'sovereign country' is a self-governed territory which is a member or observer state of the United Nations as of 2012, and which have assigned an Internet top-level domain country code (TLDcc).

As other territories in the area can have, and often do, any other official status rather than 'sovereign countries' under the above definition, exceptions are grouped and noted in this list.

Within every group, flags are sorted by TLDcc (Latin alphabet). Territory names are given by their common name in English, except where ambiguity could arise.

Territories with no own flag are not listed, despite the fact they could have assigned an official TLDcc.

List of flags

Sovereign countries:

.ad	Andorra
.al	Albania
.at	Austria
.ba	Bosnia and Herzegovina
.be	Belgium
.bg	Bulgaria
.by	Belarus
.ch	Switzerland
.cy	Cyprus
.cz	Czech Republic
.de	Germany
.dk	Denmark
.ee	Estonia
.es	Spain
.fi	Finland
.fr	France
.gr	Greece
.hr	Croatia
.hu	Hungary
.ie	Ireland
.is	Iceland
.it	Italy
.li	Liechtenstein
.lt	Lithuania
.lu	Luxembourg
.lv	Latvia
.mc	Monaco
.md	Moldova
.me	Montenegro
.mk	Macedonia
.mt	Malta
.nl	Netherlands
.no	Norway
.pl	Poland
.pt	Portugal
.ro	Romania
.rs	Serbia
.ru	Russia
.se	Sweden
.si	Slovenia
.sk	Slovakia
.sm	San Marino
.tr	Turkey
.ua	Ukraine
.uk	United Kingdom
.va	Vatican City

Overseas territories and dependencies:

.ax	Ƭand (FIN)
.fo	Faroe Islands (DEN)
.gg	Guernsey (UK)
.gi	Gibraltar (UK)
.im	Isle of Man (UK)
.je	Jersey (UK)

European supranational entity:

.eu	European Union

European countries dissolved after 1990:

.cs	Czechoslovakia
.dd	East Germany 
.su	Soviet Union
.yu	Yugoslavia

Название: Flags of the World 1982-2012 - Europe
Автор: Kantxo Design
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Палитра: sRGB
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