Circus Charlie

Circus Charlie
Circus Charlie
Circus Charlie
Circus Charlie inspiration
Circus Charlie another inspiration

Based on the arcade marquee artwork. I had trouble with the attributes around Charlie's eyes - impossible for them to be cyan and the right one ended up with a meeting of three colours. Tried dithering pixels and other styles, but colours still showed through and nothing really worked. I looked up further artwork variations and noticed the maintenance manual cover, adding the stars. 

Название: Circus Charlie
Автор: MCH
Формат: Стандартный 6912
Палитра: sRGB
Год: 2021
Имя файла при закачке: charlie_zx.scr
Скачать MCH+-+Circus+Charlie+%282021%29.scrОригинальный файл
СкачатьСкачать для PC2X3X4X
СкачатьСкачать для печати (A4 300dpi)
Теги: Arcade, Charlie, Circus, Konami, Животное, Клоун, Лев, Лошадь, Мокап, Огонь, Шляпа
Просмотры: 81
Добавил: mch, 15.01.2021 16:08

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