Sam n Bass

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I highly recommend playing this in SimCoupe or real Sam Coupe for best sound!

Or, YouTube:
Название мелодии: Sam n Bass
Авторы музыки: Pyramex
Формат файла: COP
Тип звучания: SAM Coupé SAA 1099
Год публикации: 2018
Длительность: 2:54.04
Количество каналов: 6
Тип контейнера: RAW
Трекер: E-Tracker v1.x
Имя файла при закачке: SamAndBass.etc
Скачать в оригинальном формате: Скачать в оригинальном формате Pyramex+-+Sam+n+Bass+%282018%29.etcPyramex - Sam n Bass (2018).etc
Скачать MP3: Скачать MP3
Теги: Drumnbass, Saa, Saa1099, Sam Coupe
Прослушано: 213
Сконвертировано в mp3 через: ZXTune r4440
Добавил: pyramex_of_hate, 17.05.2018 00:00
pyramex_of_hate17.05.2018 01:00
Looks like the conversion on upload is failing?
moroz199917.05.2018 01:18
thanks, I've updated the version of zxtune player, and it seems like there are some technical problems currently with conversion process.
karbo17.05.2018 18:56
cool dnb!
moroz199918.05.2018 22:03
I've temporarily reverted to older player and converted the song.
pyramex_of_hate18.05.2018 23:48
Thanks - strange that AYEmul's emulation is so much worse than Dave Hooper's SAASound library. The white noise emulation is really quite poor :-/
moroz199924.05.2018 15:43
Do you mean that white noise is played wrong on ZX-Art in SAA songs? We are just using ZXTune, not AYEMul.
If there is a proble with ZXTune (so, ZX-Art), could please help us a bit to investigate it? We need some small test case or some song with distinctive difference at some seconds position.
pyramex_of_hate25.05.2018 11:22
That should be easy enough. My wife has just had a baby though, so it might take me a while to set up!
moroz199925.05.2018 12:15
Congratulations! As usual, there is no rush!
stefan16.12.2020 01:47
When creating the oscilloscope view ( I also ran into high pitch glitches (which the mp3 also has).
These high pitch glitches are a result of a bug in the compiled module play back routine, when the module is d-compiled (see Fred 51) and played with e-tracker the glitches are gone.
Always nice to find a 28 year old bug.
stefan18.12.2020 00:08
The bug is the e-tracker compiler retriggering the note with the last used tone when an instrument is set without a note. Channel 2, pattern 2 starts with --- 4134 (no note, instrument 4, ornament 1, speed 4).
When played in E-Tracker, the instrument and ornament are ignored.
When compiled, this results in the previous tone (C-2 from pattern 1) being played with instrument 4 (drum).
Retrigger note is what Amiga ProTracker does, Kaz must have mixed this up or thought that no musician in his or her right mind would use an instrument without a note. :-)
moroz199918.12.2020 00:28
Nice find after 28 years :)

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