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Название мелодии: Mechanoid
Авторы музыки:
Формат файла: AY
Тип звучания: Стандартный трехканальный AY/YM
Тип AY чипа: ay
Раскладка AY каналов: ACB
Частота AY: 1750000
Частота INT: 50
Демопати: DiHalt 2016 (4, Конкурс Beeper-музыки)
Год публикации:
Длительность: 2:00.35
Количество каналов: 1
Внутреннее название: Mechanoid
Внутренний автор: Tufty
Скачать в оригинальном формате: Скачать в оригинальном формате Tufty+-+Mechanoid+%282016%29+%28DiHalt+2016%2C+4%29.ayTufty - Mechanoid (2016) (DiHalt 2016, 4).ay
Скачать MP3:
Прослушано: 18
MD5: deb91bc77971d549c9030188bed9ca03
Ataritufty 10.07.2016 20:06 -0+
This version only includes half of the song and the drums also sound incorrect. The tune is 2:03:00

The full version which uses 3 Beeper engines and a speech synthesizer can be found here:

and the correct .tap version and .mp3 release from DiHalt 2016 here:
Ataritufty 10.07.2016 22:54 -0+
Cheers shinilbog

I think it would be very difficult to make an .ay version of this tune as it's just a BASIC program that calls the speech synth, plays 1 beepola tune, then another, calls the speech synth again, plays the last beepola tune and finally the speech synth again.

The BASIC to call the speech synth would have to be re-written in assembly and the beepola tune .asm re-written to call the next tune.

Can .tap files or ready made .mp3s be uploaded?

Abrimaal 28.07.2016 02:09 -1+
I've replaced the Basic sequence with asm, the tune is full, but the speech routine is not playing. It jumps to ROM, reads system variables and probably the Basic variable Z$. I will send it via e-mail
moroz1999 17.08.2016 00:08 -0+
Thanks to Abrimaal, an updated version is now available for listening to.

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