A1Rh- inspiration

comment by  zx-fan:…. (year 1996) tribute to famous world artist H. R. Giger.

Story behind picture:  pic was finished early of the year 1996 and was proposed to be posted to the “Demobit ' 96, section: ZX Spectrum graphics”, unfortunately demoshow was cancelled.  A1Rh- was forgotten on the tape, and it´s the first time after 23years to watch it again.

Compare the first joe´s picture “Jones” from 1992  and one of the last screen  “A1Rh-” from 1996. What a progress within 4 years!

Statement by  zx-fan: “I am not author of any of those screens!  I am just zx-fan recovering spectrum graphics from old tapes.” 
True author of all screens  “joe zx” 
Screens are from period of years: 1992-1996. All posted screens were hand made (drawn) on the real  ZX-Spectrum 48kb + cassette tape recorder + graphics editor: Art studio.

Название: A1Rh-
Формат: Стандартный 6912
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Теги: Dead Corpse, Engineer Space-Jockey, H.r. Giger, Черно-белый, Чужой
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Добавил: zx-fan, 14.03.2019 18:53
G.Nerc=Y.uR15.03.2019 13:31
Брутал дэт!

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