ROBOCOP2 another inspiration

comment by zx-fan:….(circa year 1994)
1.Serve the public trust
2.Protect the innocent
3.Uphold the law

Statement by  zx-fan: “I am not author of any of those screens!  I am just zx-fan recovering spectrum graphics from old tapes.” 

True author of all screens =  “joe zx”  .

Screens are from period of years: 1992-1996. All posted screens were hand made (drawn) on the real  ZX-Spectrum 48kb + cassette tape recorder + graphics editor: Art studio.

Название: ROBOCOP2
Автор: zx-fan
Формат: Стандартный 6912
Палитра: sRGB
Год: 1994
Имя файла при закачке: ROBOCOP2.scr
Скачать zx-fan+-+ROBOCOP2+%281994%29.scrОригинальный файл
СкачатьСкачать для PC
СкачатьСкачать для PC (2X)
СкачатьСкачать для печати (A4 300dpi)
Теги: Доспехи, Киборг, Кино, Мужчина, Оружие, Полиция, Пушка, Робокоп, Робот, Супергерой, Фильм, Черно-белый, Шлем
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Добавил: zx-fan, 28.02.2019 18:27
diver01.03.2019 14:39
zx-fan, hi!
Looks like joe-zx is Ján Šimko (
What do you think if we move all that pictures to Ján's profile?
And by the way, where did you get all that pictures?
zx-fan03.03.2019 19:28
Right now he's using callsign “joe” : -) . Please wait a while (week or two), because there ´re more screens 10+ (Giger and bunch of never finished pics) which will be restored from TAPES and posted here. After posting last pic, all could be moved.

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