Релиз программы: El Chatarrero Galactico 3: Labyrinths of Falken (2018)
Поддерживаемое железо: ZX Spectrum 48K
Официальный статус релиза: Нет информации
Издатели: MaRaf Software
Год: 2018
Формат релиза: Снапшот SNA
Тип релиза: Оригинальный
Версия: FINAL
Файл: Скачать ElChatarreroGalactico3(48K)(EXE).sna.zip ElChatarreroGalactico3(48K)(EXE).sna.zip
Скачано: 20
Запущено: 2
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EL CHATARRERO GALACTICO 3. Labyrinths of Falken

What everyone in their right mind expected to happen, happened. After successfully attaining The Galactic Junkman the escape from GUANTRAZ-I prison, the malevolent and almighty NCA Corporation undertook a relentless pursuit and persecution throughout the galaxy that has pushed our beloved protagonist to the doors of hell itself, a remote place in the domains of the giant star Alfa-Orion also known as The labyrinths of Falken.

Aware of the undeniable leadership ability of our hero, the NCA-Corporation will not relent in its mission until the only leader capable of piloting the revolution against his empire is annihilated.

Time is short, and only the greatest of skills and speed limit can help our hero in his impossible escape through 9 tortuous labyrinths.

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