Grand National: gn5.B

Является частью релиза: Grand National
Размер файла: 6863
md5: e7ac200f058ae265847facc133e6afc2
  0 REM Version 2:27/3/85 RANDOMIZE USR 60500: INPUT ""Y LET c=n12: LET lf=n0: LET ba=n0: LET y=n0: LET pn=n0: DEF FN p(x)=PEEK (n14+x)+PEEK (65139+x)+PEEK (65179+x)[P] PRINT : POKE 52004,5: LET x=USR 31300: PAPER 7: POKE 23606,184: POKE 23607,160: PRINT AT 6,15;"h": GO SUB 30: POKE 52084,ch: LET x=USR 60000& LET x=USR 61000: GO SUB 800: IF c=n0 THEN  GO TO n10 GO TO 154 PRINT AT 3,9;"You have ";"not " AND ba;"qualified"   LET y=y*(y<15)+n1: GO SUB 440#) FOR x=n1 TO n40: LET r=INT (RND*21): POKE (n14+x),r: NEXT x$ FOR x=n1 TO INT (RND*n5)+n5(( LET r=INT (RND*n40)+n1: IF PEEK (n14+r)=255 THEN  GO TO n402. POKE (n14+r),255: NEXT x: POKE 52074,41-x7 DIM e(n40): IF ba<>n0 THEN  GO TO 75< FOR x=n1 TO n10A5 LET r=INT (RND*n40)+n1: IF e(r)=n1 OR PEEK (n14+r)=255 THEN  GO TO 65F LET e(r)=n1: NEXT xK* LET r=n0: FOR x=n1 TO n40: LET p=FN p(x): IF p>n40 THEN  GO TO 85P IF r<p THEN  LET r=p: LET f=xU% NEXT x: LET g=INT (RND*3)+n1: POKE 52085,gi# PRINT AT 9,n1;" " AND f<n10;f;" ";h$(f)n; LET x=o(r): PRINT AT 9,n25;" " AND x<n12;" " AND x<n11;" " AND x<n10;x;"-1"s# LET ch=n0: LET a=n0: LET f=n0: LET s=n1: DIM j(n5,n2)[G] GO SUB 400[L] GO SUB 500[Q] GO SUB 380RND0 IF i$="n" THEN  LET a=a*(a<3)+(a<3): GO TO 155SCREEN$ & IF i$="f" THEN  LET f=f*(f<n2)+(f<n2): GO TO 150CODE  IF i$="b" THEN  GO TO 200TAN  IF i$="c" THEN  GO TO 300PEEK  GO TO 160>=" GO SUB 425: IF f<>n0 THEN  LET f=n0: GO SUB 500 STEP  IF s>n5 OR ch<>n0 THEN  GO TO 160 BEEP " PRINT #n1;AT n1,n1;"Horse to back?";TAB n25 BRIGHT  LET m=3: GO SUB 600 LLIST 2 LET r=v(m): IF r<n1 OR r>n40 OR PEEK (n14+r)=255 THEN  GO TO 160 NEW ) PRINT #n1;AT n1,n1;"Amount?";TAB 18;"`";TAB n25 FOR  LET m=6: GO SUB 600 LIST  IF v(m)=n0 THEN  GO TO 160 PRINT I LET n=v(m): IF n>c THEN  PRINT #n1;AT n1,n1;"You haven't got enough ": GO SUB 385: GO TO 160 IF   LET p=FN p(r): LET v(m)=v(m)-INT (v(m)/n10) COPY  FOR x=n1 TO n5: IF j(x,n1)=r THEN  GO TO 270* NEXT x: IF v(m)*o(p)+v(m)>99999 THEN  GO TO 285$ LET j(s,n1)=r: LET j(s,n2)=v(m): GO TO 280j(x,n2)+v(m))*o(p)+v(m)>99999 THEN  GO TO 285 LET j(x,n2)=j(x,n2)+v(m)1 LET s=s+n1: LET c=c-n: LET a=INT ((r-n1)/n10): LET f=n2: GO TO 150< PRINT #n1;AT n1,n1;"Max. payout=`99999";TAB n25: GO SUB 385: GO TO 160, IF ba<>n0 THEN  RETURN 1 IF s=n1 THEN  GO TO 3406" PRINT #n1;AT n1,n1;"Horse to ride?";TAB n25; LET m=3: GO SUB 600@ IF v(m)<n1 OR v(m)>n40 THEN  GO TO 160E IF e(v(m))<>n1 THEN  GO TO 310J! LET ch=v(m): PRINT #n1;AT n1,n1;TAB 31: RETURN T* PRINT #n1;AT n1,n1;"Do you want to place a bet?"^ GO SUB 385m IF i$="n" THEN  GO TO 310r IF i$="y" THEN  GO TO 200w GO TO 340| PRINT #n1;AT n1,n1;"-";TAB 31▝ LET i$=INKEY$: IF i$="" THEN  GO TO 385▚ BEEP 0.005=,n25▛ PRINT #n1;AT n1,n1;TAB 31: RETURN [A] GO TO f*n10+405[P] PRINT AT 4,n1;"Going: "[U] PRINT AT n5,n1;g$(g): RETURN POINT  PRINT AT 4,n1;"Cash:  "VAL$  PRINT AT n5,n1;"`";c;TAB 8: RETURN LN 5 PRINT AT n0,27; PAPER n5;1984+y: PRINT AT n2,n5;" " AND y<n10;y: RETURN CHR$  IF ba<>n0 THEN  RETURN <=K IF ch=n0 THEN  PRINT #1;AT n1,n1;"You haven't chosen a horse": GO SUB 385: GO TO 160 POKE J PRINT AT 11,12; INVERSE n1;f$(f+n1): FOR b=12 TO 21: LET n=a*n10+b-11 RETURN , PRINT AT b,n1;" " AND n<n10; INVERSE e(n);n; INVERSE n0;" ";h$(n);TAB n25 LET p1=PEEK (n14+n)* IF p1=255 THEN  PRINT AT b,n25;"  NR  ": GO TO 590 GO TO f*n10+550& LET r=o(FN p(n))+8 PRINT AT b,n25;" " AND r<n12;" " AND r<n11;" " AND r<n10;r;"-1": GO TO 59007 PRINT AT b,n25;TAB 29;" " AND INT (p1/n2)<n10;INT (p1/n2): GO TO 590: FOR x=n1 TO n5: IF j(x,n1)=n THEN  GO TO 580? NEXT x: PRINT AT b,n25;"No Bet": GO TO 590D PRINT AT b,n25;"`";j(x,n2);TAB 31N NEXT b: RETURN X DIM v(m): LET z=n1b LET i$=INKEY$: IF i$="" THEN  GO TO 610l IF i$=CHR$ 13 THEN  GO TO 740v IF i$=CHR$ 12 THEN  GO TO 700 IF z=m THEN  GO TO 610& IF CODE i$<48 OR CODE i$>57 THEN  GO TO 610[E] LET v(z)=VAL i$: BEEP 0.005=,n25[O] PRINT #n1;AT n1,18+z;i$FN  LET u$=INKEY$: IF u$=i$ THEN  GO TO 680SIN  LET z=z+(z<m): GO TO 610SGN  LET z=z-(z>n1): LET v(z)=n0 AND ) PRINT #n1;AT n1,18+z;" ": BEEP 0.005=,n25 FORMAT  LET u$=INKEY$: IF u$=i$ THEN  GO TO 720 PAPER  GO TO 610 DATA ( BEEP 0.005=,n25: LET n=n1: FOR z=(z-n1) TO n1 STEP -n1 INPUT  LET v(m)=v(m)+(v(z)*n) SAVE  LET n=n*n10: NEXT z RETURN   IF ba<>n0 THEN  POKE 52086,n0!? PAPER 4: CLS : LET fi=PEEK 52086*n10: IF fi<80 THEN  LET fi=n0: GO TO 804"[C] POKE 23606,n0: POKE 23607,152: PRINT AT n10,13; PAPER 7;"WOPQRW";AT 12,13;"WSTUVW": POKE 22861,186: POKE 22866,151#9 POKE 22925,186: POKE 22930,151: PAUSE 250$▘ POKE 23606,184: POKE 23607,160: IF fi<>n0 THEN  PRINT AT 15,8;"Enquiry ";"Sustained" AND fi>n11;"Dropped" AND fi<=n11: PAUSE 300%6 IF fi<=n11 THEN  LET fi=n0: LET pt=n0: LET pm=n0: LET po=n0: IF ba<>n0 THEN  GO TO 835*: FOR z=n1 TO 4: LET x=PEEK (54650+(z-n1)*3): LET u(z,n1)=x/ IF ch<>x THEN  NEXT z: GO TO 8254 LET pm=u(z,n2): LET pt=u(z,3)>& IF lf<>n0 AND fi<>n0 THEN  LET ba=n2+(n1 AND fi>200)C? LET ba=ba-(n1 AND ba>n0): FOR x=n1 TO n5: IF j(x,n1)<>PEEK 54650 THEN  NEXT x: GO TO 845H- LET p=FN p(PEEK 54650): LET po=j(x,n2)*o(p)+j(x,n2)M. LET c=c+po+pm-fi: IF c>999999 THEN  LET c=999999O IF c<n0 THEN  LET c=n0Rs LET pn=pn+pt: POKE 52004,7: PRINT : LET x=USR 31300: POKE 23606,184: POKE 23607,160: PAPER 7: GO SUB 440WB PRINT AT 4,n25;pm: PRINT AT n5,n25;po: PRINT AT 7,n25;fi: PRINT AT 9,n25; INVERSE n1;ck! IF z<n5 AND z<>n0 THEN  PRINT AT n5,n1;p$(z);"  ";ptp PRINT AT 9,8; INVERSE n1;pnu) IF ba>n0 THEN  PRINT AT 7,n1;ba;" Year";"s" AND ba<>n1z4 LET n=n0: FOR a=n0 TO 3: PRINT #1;AT n1,n1;"S=Start Race"©1 FOR b=12 TO 21: LET f=PEEK (54650+n*3)▙INKEY$ PRINT AT b,n1;" " AND n+n1<n10; INVERSE f=ch;n+n1; INVERSE n0;" ";h$(f);TAB 24;"  NR   " AND PEEK (54599+f)=255;"
  8224ll " AND PEEK (54599+f)=254;"Retired" AND PEEK (54599+f)=253^ IF PEEK (54599+f)<253 THEN  LET r=o(FN p(f)): PRINT AT b,24;" ";" " AND r<n12;" " AND r<n11;" " AND r<n10;r;"-1"[D] LET n=n+n1: NEXT b[S] GO SUB 380PI IF i$="n" THEN  NEXT a: GO TO 890AT  IF i$="s" THEN  GO TO 950LEN  GO TO 930ACS  PAPER 4: CLS : IF c>n0 THEN  LET lf=fi: RETURN USR 1 PRINT AT n10,3;"You have run out of money!": PAUSE n0: RETURN AT  NEW [S] LLIST yqcVAL  INPUT  SAVE :rp!fg>=TAB (Greasepaint      Artimorval       Doorstep         Lucky Vane       Whistling GenatapHallo Dandy      Corbiere         West Tip         Drumlargen       Eyecatcher       Fortina's ExpressDuke of Milan    Broomy Bank      Ballinacurra Lad Pirate Son       Glen Fox         Kumbi            Fox Bury         Luck Daughter    Matty Buskins    Fethard Friend   Rubstic          Rockin' Berry    Howarth Halloway Classified       Drum Largan      Grand Ogan       Last Suspect     Talon            Good Crack       Nicky Tam        Tacroy           Cockle Strand    Why Forget       Max Friendly     Succeeded        Road Mead        First Glance     Derby Creek      Terry's Nag      [T] CONTINUE  LLIST zs STOP  POKE nVAL LEN VAL SIN  THEN ( CONTINUE  CONTINUE ▗  INPUT  INPUT  INPUT  INPUT  POKE  POKE  POKE  IF >=[G]dPB2-(&! AND FormBetsOddsm IF  COPY  COPY  COPY  DATA VAL  POKE VAL  GO SUB VAL  LOAD  OVER INKEY$ DIM [F]A@[M]VAL 6X"LN  FORMAT 1st2nd3rd4thVAL$ VAL VAL$ LEN VAL$ SIN VAL$ 1VAL VAL$ 1LEN dVAL$ 1SIN  CONTINUE VAL$ 1COS 'VAL$ 4VAL (VAL$ ASN VAL$ 2ASN <=Soft   Good   Firm    DIM 6 RETURN  COPY VAL$ 1TAN K RETURN  THEN (7^[G]!^