How to add an author?

Don't forget to check whether author has already been added under other nickname. Use search for it - search will also finds older nicknames.

First of all, you have to be registered and logged in. Open authors menu from graphics or music and select appropriate letter. Click "Add author" button, fill the form and submit it.

Somebody already submitted my works. What should I do?

If you have found that somebody has already created your author and submitted your works, and you want to edit the gallery, then you should claim the author to get the rights for author's page editing. To claim author ensure that you are registered and logged in, open author's page and press "Claim". Administrator will review your request shortly and approve it. After this you will get full rights for your gallery.

How to add picture/music?

First of all ensure that you are registered and logged in. Check that the authors have already been added to database.
Select author, game or party where you want to add a new image/music. Click on a button "Upload works", fill form and submit it.

How to add tags?

Form for adding tags is available for every registered visitor. Open the image/tune page, fill the tags form and submit it.

How are ratings working?

The only purpose of rating is to provide newcomers quick way to see most of the decent works. Ratings are not meant to be objective or to hurt anybody's feelings.

Picture and music rating functions identically to IMDB's weighted rating system.

Author's rating is made of all his works with rating above average. This means that drafts, incomplete works, earlier works added for historical archive don't affect author's work negatively. The better work's rating is, the more it affects author's rating. This way one outstanding work will affect author's rating better than 3-5 averages.