Illegal Alien (Genesis)

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Taken from Velesoft:
Ripped by Mick:
El título de la música: Illegal Alien (Genesis)
Música de autores: Andrew Collier
Formato de archivo: COP
Tipo de sonido: SAM Coupe-SAA 1099
Duración: 5:21.30
Canales: 6
Tracker: E-Tracker v1.x
Nombre de archivo original: music004.etc
Descargar en formato original: Descargar en formato original Andrew+Collier+-+Illegal+Alien+%28Genesis%29.etcAndrew Collier - Illegal Alien (Genesis).etc
Descargar MP3: Descargar MP3
Jugado: 10
MD5: c23853bb66082209798e66386f0b8a7a
Convertido a mp3 por: ZXTune r4440
Añadido por: moroz1999, 10.05.2015 02:12
Mnemotech23.04.2016 04:14
Appeared on the menu for Fred 53.

Oddly some of these notes sound wrong - not how they did on the original Sam, or maybe I need to go back and check!
moroz199924.04.2016 22:31
There can be some problems with sound - please check the original, if it should sound the other way, we would be able to report the problem to author of ZXTune - a player used for a CLI conversion to MP3 for this website.
Mnemotech24.04.2016 23:08
Back home now, and yeah - if I run the original programs in Sim Coupe the slided notes of the main melody have different timings than the mp3 here.

Good news however, I downloaded zxtune r3590 and playing the same original file in there sounds correct, so you may just need to regenerate the mp3 with that version.
moroz199925.04.2016 19:13
I have updated ZXTune build on conversion server and forced reconversion of two tunes mentioned. Could you please check the sound? It may require browser cache clearing to get rid of old cached version.
To be sure you can download the mp3 locally and try it in any mp3 player.
Mnemotech26.04.2016 03:12
Yep - all good. Thanks for that!

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