Zelda II ZX Spectrum

Zelda II ZX Spectrum
Zelda II ZX Spectrum
Zelda II ZX Spectrum

A mockup of what Zelda II would have looked like if it had been ported to the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. My god, that console was hideous.

The restrictions here are that you have a very limited palette, and you can only display 2 colors in every 8x8 space. The result is something called "aspect clash" where there are sharply defined borders where one color ends and another begins. As you can tell, I'm not very fond of the look, but it was an interesting experiment nevertheless.

Título: Zelda II ZX Spectrum
Autor: DragonDePlatino
Formato: Estándar 6912
Paleta: sRGB
Año: 2014
Nombre de archivo original: Zelda II ZX Spectrum.scr
Descargar DragonDePlatino+-+Zelda+II+ZX+Spectrum+%282014%29.scrArchivo Original
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Hash MD5: 5b8fccec34acf0877735ef9bf5b9cb23
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DeadDog03.11.2019 17:43
Извините, но мне нужно знать, что случилось с игрой
Team Zelda ZX (2017)

спасибо за ваш ответ

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