# Made for Antique Toy 2004 online competition, where it ranked first in the "alternative graphics" category. You can get the full results here  and all the contributions here (or here for the original ZX disk).
Instead of attempting to hide it, I tried to echo the inherent blockiness of ZX Spectrum graphics with a blocky dithering.
Cartoon style is actually hard to achieve given the 2 colours per block limitation, as with the black outline there are often 3 colours nearby.
As my other Speccy pictures, drawn using Dpaint, Promotion and SevenuP.
# Date : June 2004
# Format : 256*192/8 colours with ZX Spectrum limitations: 2 colours only for each 8x8 block. Each block can be either bright or dark.
# No copy.

Título: Friendship
Autor: Exocet
Formato: Estándar 6912
Paleta: sRGB
Parte: Antique Toy 2004 (1, Alternativa gráficos compo)
Año: 2004
Nombre de archivo original: frndshp.scr
Descargar Exocet+-+Friendship+%282004%29+%28Antique+Toy+2004%2C+1%29.scrArchivo Original
DescargarDescargar para PC2X3X4X
DescargarDescargar para imprimir (A4 300ppp)
Etiquetas: Broma, Comic, Conejo, No Copiar, Promoción, Sevenup
Vistas: 519
Página en Artcity:
Añadido por: moroz1999, 18.06.2010 00:52

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