misty forest

misty forest
misty forest
misty forest
Título: misty forest
Autor: Jok (Jokov)
Formato: Sam Coupe mode4
Paleta: sRGB
Parte: FOReVER 2018 'The 8-Bit Atlantis' (2, Alternativa gráficos compo)
Año: 2018
Nombre de archivo original: index.ss4
Descargar Jok+-+misty+forest+%282018%29+%28FOReVER+2018+%26%23039%3BThe+8-Bit+Atlantis%26%23039%3B%2C+2%29.ss4Archivo Original
DescargarDescargar para PC
DescargarDescargar para PC (2X)
DescargarDescargar para imprimir (A4 300ppp)
Etiquetas: Bosque, Cara, Chica, Mist, Retrato, Tribal, Woman
Vistas: 420
Hash MD5: f94b4e09a4ac3c24afed960c80ca63b4
Añadido por: jok, 13.11.2018 14:54
jok13.11.2018 15:01
I don't have original file form Forever (I was not there)
Maybe someone could upload a proper file to this entry. Or convert .png included. And maybe tweak a bit this description, not sure about all fields - my first entry here :)
I will also deliver workstages later (need to find them ;) )
moroz199913.11.2018 19:18
Strange, but I can't see the original file anywhere on Forever website or scene.org. I'll try to convert it by manually adjusting the palette.
jok13.11.2018 22:45
thanks in advance
moroz199913.11.2018 23:59
Strange, seems like palette is not the one used by Sam Coupe. It can be converted, but all colors should be reassigned manually - I'm not sure I can do this choice :)
I'll ask Forever orgs for an original file, may be they have it.
jok14.11.2018 02:15
Ok, I will prepare version with corrected palette and submit again - could you convert it then to original format?
And also - can you give some links to good Sam Coupe and Zx gfx editors?
Especially for Mac (osx) - if such programs exist :).
Thanks again!
jok14.11.2018 20:29
Can you try with the new version? Palette should be ok by now..
moroz199915.11.2018 00:10
Thank you! This one seems to be converted perfectly without any adjustments required. I'm using BMP2SCR for conversion, and I was using GraphicsGale with SamCoupe colors to produce the BMP first for my first attempt to draw something on SamCoupe. This is why I cannot suggest any editors for it really :)
As for ZX, I'm using ZX Spectrum Screen Editor v0.7 by A. Susekov (sometimes named zxgfx) - https://vtrd.in/pcutilz/ZXGFX07.ZIP and ZX-Paintbrush http://www.zx-modules.de/zxpaintbrush/zxpaintbrush.html . There is also SevenUp http://metalbrain.speccy.org/

For the real hardware:
Classic Art Studio
Modern BGE (Burial Graphics Editor)
jok15.11.2018 00:40
Thank you very much for a detailed answer. :)
I will make a setup for ZX workflow later (as I don't have PC it will be VM I guess).

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