Old School PixArt

Old School PixArt
Old School PixArt
Old School PixArt
Título: Old School PixArt
Autor: matahari
Formato: Stellar (lowres multicolor+gigascreen 64*48)
Paleta: sRGB
Parte: Retrojen Akil Adamlar Toplantısı 2019 (1, Compuesto gráfico general)
Año: 2019
Nombre de archivo original: raat14.C
Descargar matahari+-+Old+School+PixArt+%282019%29+%28Retrojen+Akil+Adamlar+Toplant%C4%B1s%C4%B1+2019%2C+1%29.stlArchivo Original
DescargarDescargar para PC
DescargarDescargar para PC (2X)
DescargarDescargar para imprimir (A4 300ppp)
Etiquetas: Celebridad, Macho, Retrato, Sombrero
Vistas: 17
Añadido por: moroz1999, 12.01.2020 22:47
moroz199913.01.2020 11:33
It would be nice to see the WIP stages for this one.
ref15.01.2020 19:06
you can find the 17 WIP steps in the retrojen stellar editor database (you need to register the forums). it's totally handmade, no conversion is done. We even talk about the process of creating this image in the party over an hour. Matahari even made a presentation out of it :D (it's generally centered around criticising me about changing the editor code constantly while everyone creating their images).
It's crazy busy nowadays, but I've managed to pack all the steps as zip file, I'll hand it to you are able to create an animated gif from it or something.


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