Polar Pierre

Polar Pierre
Polar Pierre
Polar Pierre
Polar Pierre inspiration
Polar Pierre another inspiration

Another terrific game cover from 1985 by R Peters.

Título: Polar Pierre
Autor: MCH
Formato: Estándar 6912
Paleta: sRGB
Año: 2021
Nombre de archivo original: pierre_mch_zx_.scr
Descargar MCH+-+Polar+Pierre+%282021%29.scrArchivo Original
DescargarDescargar para PC
DescargarDescargar para PC (2X)
DescargarDescargar para imprimir (A4 300ppp)
Etiquetas: Databyte, Datasoft, Frenchman, La nieve, Maqueta, Montañas, Ski, Snowball, Sombrero, Árbol
Vistas: 20
Añadido por: mch, 22.01.2021 13:40
Ersh25.01.2021 13:39
The restrictive colours of the Spectrum never feel imposed on your screens, it's rather like the limited palette is a conscious artistic choice. Very natural and unconstrained. It's a joy to see that you manage to be this prolific as well!
mch25.01.2021 17:53
Thanks Ersh. Its sometimes a struggle especially when creating screens of other peoples artwork, but I enjoy the challenge. As long as the main focal characters look ok I find you can be lenient with some of the background details, but I do try to fit the main elements into the composition. I find the attributes decide what route the artwork takes at times and this can sometimes lead to better screens than I hoped. As for being prolific, some screens are easier to do than others! ;)
mch25.01.2021 18:05
PS - I try and make the palette work as best I can. I think the colours on the Spectrum are perfect and wouldn't enjoy doing Amstrad or C64 screens because the challenge of limited colours and attributes isn't there. Too many colours - too much choice. Less is more.

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