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El título de la música: Electro-1
Música de autores:
Formato de archivo: COP
Tipo de sonido: SAM Coupe-SAA 1099
Año de publicación:
Duración: 4:24.48
Canales: 6
Tipo de contenedor: RAW
Tracker: E-Tracker v1.x
Descargar en formato original: Descargar en formato original Pyramex+-+Electro-1+%282013%29.copPyramex - Electro-1 (2013).cop
Descargar MP3:
Jugado: 81
Añadido por: pyramex_of_hate, 25.09.2017 21:06
stefan 02.06.2018 01:18

Please write 100 lines:

"An SAA1099 should not be producing SID-like sounds".

Fantastic tune on all levels!!!
stefan 02.06.2018 01:20
David - any chance of putting the e-tracker module online somewhere? I would love to look at the internals!
pyramex_of_hate 03.06.2018 12:10
stefan 03.06.2018 16:31
Cool!!! It's been a while since I've used e-tracker, but it slowly came back. It's all about modulation. Which works very,very nicely!!!
pyramex_of_hate 03.06.2018 19:09
Indeed, in fact it's exactly the same modulation as SID - PWM, the only big difference is on SID you can control pulse width directly with a register, but on SAA you have to rely on detuning the modulation source which uses the clock as timing source. The upshot is you can't control the specific width of the pulse at any time. Still works pretty well.
pyramex_of_hate 02.06.2018 02:16
Sure thing - I'll put some links in the comments here when I've done it.

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