Autor: Scalesmann

Grupo: March Cats
Nombre Real: Антон Яковлев
Ubicación: Ульяновск, Russia
Otros apodos: Scl, Scale
Enlaces: Página en SpeccyWiki Página en
Tipo de AY chip: ay
Apariencia de canales : ACB
Frecuencia AY: 1750000
Frecuencia INT: 50
Calificación de músico: 64.77
Calificación del artista: 3.10

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Obras musicales del autor durante los últimos 90 días.

Participó en el desarrollo de software

Fully 1: Fully and Dully
Fully 2: Escape from Base
Fully 3: Dully and Underland Monster
Sharky 1: Road to Home
Do You Believe In Magic? (musicdisk)
we never went to the wax moon
Those letters must be signed (musicdisk) (TS)
[angel that] fallen apart (musicdisk) (TS)
Drumatic [in space] single (musicdisk)
Steps 2 Heaven Single (musicdisk)
Where did it all go wrong? (musicdisk)
Fly Away (musicdisk)
Songs From Cruel World Remastered (musicdisk)
Tiny Dude
Dreaming Single (musicdisk)
agrhh! (musicdisk)
Calling Misfire (musicdisk)
rythme (musicdisk) (TS)
Castle of wampirs shitdemo number two
Remember Our Lives (musicdisk)
Unmilky Sky (musicdisk)
Dic - Poslushui Pes
Some Words About Chilling Rain (musicdisk)
Waterfall (musicdisk)
Don't Stop My Clock Maxi (musicdisk)
Summer Walk (musicdisk)
3Color Collection 1_1
3Color Collection
3Color Collection 2
3Color Collection 3
Bass Reflection (musicdisk)
Forever 5 Photo
Listen Up, I'm Here! (musicdisk)
Porn King (musicdisk)
Still Speeding (musicdisk)
DiHalt 2018 WINTER EDITION invitro

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