Total recall

Total recall inspiration
Título: Total recall
Formato: Estándar 6912
Descargar x-vision+-+Total+recall.scrArchivo Original
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Vistas: 81
Hash MD5: 0c50263cdbd7b19ae3430ec57542ae81
Añadido por: x-vision, 04.02.2018 18:35
moroz1999 04.02.2018 19:12
Thanks for upload, but JPG/GIF are not supported in archive, so the standard ZX 6912 screen is required. It will be converted automatically, we just preserve the originals for easy resize and palette changes.
moroz1999 05.02.2018 23:29
Unfortunately, I cannot convert this one, since it has too low quality in JPEG, blue pixels are totally blurred.

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